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Meet Asha: Head of Payments & Operations

In March 2015, Asha Myuran joined The Currency Account as the Payments Operations Manager. I spoke to her about her first year at The Currency Account (TCA), what’s next for TCA and her love for sweet treats!   Can you tell us about your work here? I check and approve our outgoing customer payments, as well as ensuring..
by Vidthya | 04/08/2017

Meet Michael: Client Services Adviser

In September 2016 Michael joined The Currency Account (on his birthday with chocolate cake, might I add!) He has since become a dynamic part of the team and taken a keen interest in working alongside our Accounts department in his spare time.  We caught up with Michael this week to find out more about his first year at TCA and his love for..
by Vidthya | 29/06/2017

Meet Hatice: Client Services Adviser

Meet Hatice, she joined The Currency Account in November 2016 and is also the baby of our team! She is super kind, gracious and always helpful, (you will know what I mean if you have ever called our office and spoken with her!) Hatice has a special connection with our customers; she is companionate and extremely patient and I can guarantee that..
by Vidthya | 19/06/2017
TCA Team

Meet Jon: Head of Finance & Compliance

In 2016, Jon joined The Currency Account as the Head of Finance & Compliance. I spoke to him about his first few months at The Currency Account (TCA), what’s next for TCA and his passion for travelling around the world!   Can you tell us what your responsibilities are at TCA? Although my title is Head of Finance..
by TCA Team | 12/09/2016
Rishi Patel, Founder of The Currency Account.

Opening a Currency Account should take five minutes, not fifteen days

I was shocked to read last week that banks were telling their customers they had to wait for two weeks before opening a foreign currency account!   Bloomberg last week interviewed a range of economists, asking them about the impact of Brexit on the UK’s financial market. Nearly three-quarters of them predicted the country is..
by Rishi Patel, Founder of The.. | 18/07/2016
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