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Can I send payments to other Forex & Cryptocurrency Providers?

The Currency Account cannot accept funds from, or send payments to any other Forex & Cryptocurrency Providers. 

How do I set up an on-line money transfer?

To make an international bank transfer, please log into your account and ensure you have sufficient funds in your account to send the transfer. You can load more funds to your account by clicking on the ‘add funds’ key. Please then choose the ‘send payment’ option, here you will be able to set up a beneficiary if you have not done so previously and complete your payment. 

I am transferring funds to the USA, what is an ABA code and where can I get this?

This may also be referred to as the Routing Code and can be obtained from your bank or beneficiary. 

I want to send a different currency than listed on the web site, can you help?

Should you require more information or trade in a currency not listed on our website, please feel free to call us on 0207 014 3344 between 9.00am to 5.30pm or do not hesitate to e-mail us at

My IBAN or BIC/SWIFT code are not recognised, what should I do?

Please check and confirm these specifics with your beneficiary or bank for the correct details.

What fees are there for sending an International Currency Payment?

We charge a simple, transparent fee of 0.5% (minimum £5 fee) on all International Currency Payments. We also offer an Urgent Currency Payment Option charged at an additional £10, if required.

What information do I need to send funds to Europe?

To transfer funds to Europe, you will require a SWIFT / BIC CODE and IBAN Number, both of which you can obtain from the beneficiary or bank you are making the payment to.

What information do I need to send funds to the USA?

To transfer funds to the USA you will require a SWIFT / BIC CODE or ABA / ROUTING CODE along with the ACCOUNT NUMBER. You can obtain these account details from the beneficiary or bank you are making the payment to.

What information do I need to set up a beneficiary / recipient?

  • Full name for individuals and company name for businesses.
  • Bank account details (IBAN code/account number, SWIFT/BIC/Sort codes, ABA/BSB routing number as appropriate)
  • Country in which the bank account is held
  • Currency in which the bank account is held
  • Payment reference

You’ll also need to tell us briefly why you’re making the payment (e.g. house purchase, paying an invoice etc). The collection of this information is an anti-money laundering requirement.

What should I do if the funds have not credited the beneficiary?

If the payment has not arrived with the recipient after a maximum of 5 working days of you receiving the payment confirmation, please contact us on 0207 014 3344 between 9.00am to 5.30pm.

When will my funds credit the recipient bank account?

All urgent payment types will credit your beneficiary account on same business day or next business day.  (Please note additional fees applicable for this service).

For all non urgent types, your payment will credit the beneficiary account within 3 business / working days.

Which countries can I pay?

Please refer to the list: Albania (AL) Algeria (DZ) Andorra (AD) Angola (AO) Antigua and Barbuda (AG) Argentina (AR) Australia (AU) Austria (AT) Azerbaijan (AZ) Bahamas (BS) Bahrain (BH) Bangladesh (BD) Barbados (BB) Belgium (BE) Belize (BZ) Bermuda (BM) Bhutan (BT) Bolivia (BO) Botswana (BW) Brazil (BR) Brunei Darussalam (BN) Bulgaria (BG) Burkina Faso (BF) Burundi (BI) Cameroon (CM) Canada (CA) Cape Verde (CV) Cayman Islands (KY) Central African Republic (CF) Chad (TD) Chile (CL) China (CN) Colombia (CO) Cook Islands (CK) Costa Rica (CR) Croatia (HR) Cyprus (CY) Czech Republic (CZ) Denmark (DK) Djibouti (DJ) Dominica (DM) Dominican Republic (DO) Ecuador (EC) Egypt (EG) El Salvador (SV) Equatorial Guinea (GQ) Estonia (EE) Ethiopia (ET) Faroe Islands (FO) Fiji (FJ) Finland (FI) France (FR) French Guiana (GF) Gabon (GA) Gambia (GM) Georgia (GE) Germany (DE) Ghana (GH) Gibraltar (GI) Greece (GR) Greenland (GL) Grenada (GD) Guadeloupe (GP) Guam (GU) Guatemala (GT) Haiti (HT) Hong Kong (HK) Hungary (HU) Iceland (IS) India (IN) Indonesia (ID) Ireland (IE) Israel (IL) Italy (IT) Jamaica (JM) Japan (JP) Jersey (JE) Jordan (JO) Kazakhstan (KZ) Kenya (KE) Kuwait (KW) Kyrgyzstan (KG) Latvia (LV) Lesotho (LS) Liechtenstein (LI) Lithuania (LT) Luxembourg (LU) Macedonia (FYROM) (MK) Madagascar (MG) Malawi (MW) Malaysia (MY) Maldives (MV) Mali (ML) Malta (MT) Martinique (MQ) Mauritania (MR) Mauritius (MU) Mayotte (YT) Mexico (MX) Moldova (MD) Monaco (MC) Mongolia (MN) Montenegro (ME) Montserrat (MS) Morocco (MA) Mozambique (MZ) Namibia (NA) Nepal (NP) Netherlands (NL) New Caledonia (NC) New Zealand (NZ) Nicaragua (NI) Niger (NE) Norway (NO) Oman (OM) Palau (PW) Panama (PZ) Papua New Guinea (PG) Peru (PE) Philippines (PH) Poland (PL) Portugal (PT) Puerto Rico (PR) Qatar (QA) Romania (RO) Rwanda (RW) Saint Lucia (WL) Saint Vincent and The Grenadines (VC) Samoa (WS) San Marino (SM) Saudi Arabia (SA) Senegal (SN) Serbia (RS) Seychelles (SC) Singapore (SG) Slovakia (SK) Slovenia (SI) Solomon Islands (SB) South Africa (ZA) Spain (ES) Sri Lanka (LK) Suriname (SR) Swaziland (SZ) Sweden (SE) Switzerland (CH) Taiwan (TW) Tajikistan (TJ) Thailand (TH) Togo (TG) Tonga (TO) Trinidad and Tobago (TT) Turkey (TR) Turks and Caicos Islands (TC) U.S. Virgin Islands (VI) United Arab Emirates (AE) United Kingdom (GB) United States of America (US) Uruguay (UY) Uzbekistan (UZ) Vietnam (VN) Western Sahara (EH) Zambia (ZM)

Which countries can we not accept funds from?

We cannot accept funds from bank accounts held in the following countries: Abkhazia, Afghanistan, Balkans, Belarus, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Comoros, Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guyana, Holy See (Vatican City State), Honduras, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Kiribati, Korea - Republic Of, Laos - People's Democratic Republic, Libya, Macao, Marshall Islands, Martinique, Micronesia - Federated States Of, Myanmar, Nauru, Nigeria, Niue, North Korea, North Sudan, Pakistan, Palestine - State Of, Paraguay, Russia, Sao Tome And Principe, Somalia, Syria, Turkmenistan, Tuvalu, Uganda, United States of America (USA), Vanuatu, Yemen.

Will I be sent a proof of payment?

You will be e-mailed a proof of payment to your registered e-mail address, once your payment has been sent. Your beneficiary can also be e-mailed with a proof of payment, providing you have given us their e-mail contact details when setting up your beneficiary details.