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Meet Jon: Head of Finance & Compliance

by TCA Team

In 2016, Jon joined The Currency Account as the Head of Finance & Compliance. I spoke to him about his first few months at The Currency Account (TCA), what’s next for TCA and his passion for travelling around the world!


Can you tell us what your responsibilities are at TCA?

Although my title is Head of Finance and Compliance I currently do just about everything, whether it be preparing financial models, holding supplier meetings, hiring staff, reviewing our internal policies, helping with customer offers or a bit of customer support. My philosophy has always been you can’t improve something until you have a very good idea of how everything works, therefore I will never shy away from learning about all areas of a business and diving in to help out.

How did you come to work at TCA?

I am a stereotypical Antipodean and love to travel and see the world. This means I have to have my wits about me when it comes to making sure I save as much money as possible on exchange rates and fees to allow me to have more money to explore more and more. Having worked with Rishi at my previous employer we met up for lunch one day and he explained his business idea of how he wants to disrupt the current foreign exchange market by making all changes transparent and offering the live market exchange rate. It’s fair to say I didn’t need much persuasion to jump on board. 



What do you do when you’re not telling people about TCA?

I love to see the world and there are plenty of new countries to be visited, especially with Europe on our doorstep. But when I am not travelling or spreading the news about TCA I will usually be found discussing the performance of the All Blacks – New Zealand rugby team - or either playing sport, watching sport or finding great places around London to eat.  


What are you working on at the moment?

As we are still very much in start-up mode there is a lot going on, all very exciting! I am always trying to find ways to offer our customers an even better service and more products to use with us. A lot of customers have asked if we offer a card product so this is one of my main projects at the moment.


What does the future hold for TCA?

I really think the future is going to be very bright for TCA, once we iron out all the typical start-up bumps and get our message out to the market I expect to see a lot of milestones being reached very quickly. We are really setting ourselves up so we can implement change very quickly which will allow us to adapt to changes in the industry. This will make sure we are leading the way which is bloody exciting!  


Keep up to date with Jon’s travels with his blog: