Meet Asha: Head of Payments & Operations

by Vidthya

In March 2015, Asha Myuran joined The Currency Account as the Payments Operations Manager. I spoke to her about her first year at The Currency Account (TCA), what’s next for TCA and her love for sweet treats!


Can you tell us about your work here?

I check and approve our outgoing customer payments, as well as ensuring all our travel money orders are processed and paid for on time. As we are a start-up I also get involved and participate in other tasks which I had not attempted in my previous roles. I have the opportunity here to work closely with our CEO; to help make improvements and expand our business.  It’s good fun as we have a great team and I still get to learn new things each day outside of my ‘payments’ role and comfort zone! I am proud to be part of a small dedicated team who want to make a difference to traditional, expensive, boring banking!    


What drew you to join TCA?

Knowing Rishi our Founder & CEO, formerly working under his team in a previous role, I knew instantly I wanted to join and launch TCA with him. To help transform his vision and the company into something big and great. Having worked in finance for 6 years after graduating, this will actually be my third start-up company I have worked for! I love the buzz, excitement and challenges start-ups bring to my role.  


What were you doing before you joined TCA?

So before I joined TCA, I joined a start-up company called FairFX, where I worked and learnt so much for 5 years. I outgrew my role here and moved on to become a Payment Operations Supervisor at the newly launched UK Metro Bank in Holborn. I enjoyed a year at Metro, before taking a break from city life and went on maternity leave to have my beautiful baby girl Aishwariya!



What do you do when you’re not telling people about TCA?

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE dogs and cake! I spend a lot of my free time walking my dogs and having lunches in dog friendly pubs! I am a cake addict and love exploring themed afternoon tea sittings with my cousins in the city. My favourite so far has been the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory experience, which I have now visited 3 times!!


What’s your favourite TCA feature?

I love that I can lock in my Euros at a great exchange rate and hold them in my Currency Account for my trips to Spain. My mum has a holiday home in Alicante which we visit at least twice a year. I know that by locking in my Euros early when the rate is favourable, keeping them safe in my online account, I can order my travel money nearer to the time of my holiday and I will get a great saving for me and my family!


What does the future hold for TCA?

It has been a busy, but fun first year for me here at TCA. I love my team, I love my office – stepping out and having a wonderful view of St Pauls Cathedral! I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. I want to work to mould The Currency Account, into something great and user friendly. A compnay that offers not only leading exchange rates but also excellent customer service. I certainly believe that introducing a wider range of currencies, along with launching our currency card and mobile app will help TCA to become one of the leading currency exchange providers in the UK! (We are already ranked number 1 for Euro and Dollar rates on!)


You can follow more of Asha’s adventures on Twitter: @AshaMyuran & Instagram: AshaMyuran