Meet Michael: Client Services Adviser

by Vidthya

In September 2016 Michael joined The Currency Account (on his birthday with chocolate cake, might I add!) He has since become a dynamic part of the team and taken a keen interest in working alongside our Accounts department in his spare time.  We caught up with Michael this week to find out more about his first year at TCA and his love for fitness and food!


Can you tell us in brief what your responsibilities are at TCA?

Being part of the Customer Services team I have a range of responsibilities that involve making sure all customer queries are dealt with in a professional manner; answering or making phone calls and making sure each customer experience with The Currency Account is as smooth and happy as possible. I have also taken on more responsibility of spread sheet based tasks, as I would like to specialise within the Accounts department eventually.


What do you do in your spare time?

That’s simple! I go to the gym every day to do weightlifting or boxing and eat everything in sight!


Why, The Currency Account?

This is the job role I was exactly looking for. An office job within the finance sector, at the heart of London and I feel very honoured to be working here alongside so many other more experienced senior members I can learn from.



What’s your favourite feature about the Currency Accounts’ services?

I think the online portal is our best feature and one that makes us stand out from the rest. It is simply your very own online multi-currency account; where you can deposit, store and convert funds. What makes it magic is the fact that you have direct access to the live market rate 24 hours a day and can convert funds across currencies at your own convenience. Where can you go wrong?? No more wasting time negotiating on phone calls with 9-5 brokers!


Where would you like to be in 5 years from now?

I want to climb the ranks within this company. I think I have a great opportunity here to become a senior member of the team. I would like to have a management position with my very own team to share my experiences with.


What do you love the most about The Currency Account?

Being part of start-up company such as TCA allows for everyone to have their say and bring their ideas to the table.


What service is most in demand by our customers?

Right now, due to the Easter break and May Bank Holiday, it is the Travel Money Service. We have a very successful ‘Spring Sale’ campaign on at the moment, offering the best rates and quick next day delivery!


What’s the best thing about working with your fellow team mates?

As there isn’t that much of an age gap between us, I feel a brother/sister bond between us all. We have great laughs but also work hard!


Finally, who is the Table Tennis Champion of the office?!

Definitely NOT Jon. He needs to work on his swing, when he can control that he can come and challenge The Master (me)!